Chamber of Advisers: Moroccan Tourism Office Wastes Too Much Money

Chamber of Advisers: Moroccan Tourism Office Wastes Too Much Money

The Chamber of Advisers’ report has negatively reviewed the Moroccan National Office of Tourism (ONMT).

The commission of inquiry into the Moroccan ONMT, set up by the Chamber of Advisers,  was presented to a plenary session held by the House of Councilors on Tuesday. The criticism started with the financial management of the board. The report indicates that the organization of trade fairs abroad is becoming increasingly expensive.

The inquiry deemed other expenses absolutely “unjustified.” One such expense is the monthly rent of the office of the director general: MAD 50,000. In fact, MAD 10 million is spent each year to rent offices for official delegations traveling abroad. The report indicates that the ONMT’s delegations abroad have only 2-3 staff members.

Besides the financial issues, the commission was also not satisfied with ONMT’s human resources and administrative management..

The commission called for the modernization of the ONMT’s governance system through a monitoring mechanism strategy for control.

The committee stressed the need to review the law governing the ONMT, in order to bring the changes to the market for tourism and competition in the sector. The committee recommended updating the board of directors to ensure its effectiveness and a better representation of professionals.

The committee also recommended streamlining the office’s subsidy and advertising expenditure through continuous monitoring. The committee suggested that public institutions and private tourism institutions be brought together in a single body, in order to generalize advertising for the institutions responsible for promoting Morocco’s image.

The committee also suggested a detailed practical guide for ONMT delegations abroad and a manual of procedures to make financial management transparent.

The report concluded with that ONMT’s problems, financial and administrative management and governance, have affected its profitability.

Le 20 Juillet 2018

Source Web : moroccoworldnews

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